About us

An association of sociologists and Palestinian human scientists has established its temporary headquarters - "Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences, Birzeit University, Post Office Box, Birzeit 14, Birzeit, Palestine". In the year 2016; it is registered under the law of charities for the year 2000. The association includes researchers and professors from various universities and staff in sociological and anthropological research inside and outside Palestine, as well as candidates for a doctorate in sociology and anthropology. The association also opens its membership to holders of a master's degree in sociology and humanities as associate members.


Our vision

The development of social sciences and their openness to other social and human sciences

Demonstrate the contributions of Palestinian sociologists and anthropologists locally, internationally and internationally

Developing a Palestinian Arab social knowledge that adopts its own theoretical and methodological tools

Contribution to the global monetary debate on social sciences, the formation of colonial knowledge and the dominance of cultural centers

Organization of scientific conferences, Workshops, Creation of scientific journal, Study days

Association News

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